The Historical “Kırkpınar Wrestling” Contests take place in the field referred to as “Sarayiçi Er Meydanı” within Sarayiçi. The 642nd contest will take place this year.

The Historical Kırkpınar Wresting Contests, which usually take place at the end of June and at the beginning of July, last 7 days.

Before Kırkpınar Wrestling Contests start, the graves of the wrestlers, Adalı Halil and Kara Emin, in Kaleiçi, are visited and a prayer service is conducted. After the visit, the participants go to Sarayiçi Er Meydanı at 15:00 and the Historical “Kırkpınar Wrestling” Contest starts with a magnificent ceremony. Individual categories are defined for the wrestlers taking part in the Kırkpınar Wresting Contests..

These categories are: Minik 1, Minik 2, Teşvik, Tozkoparan, Deste Küçük Boy, Deste Orta Boy, Deste Büyük Boy, Küçük Orta Küçük Boy, Küçük Orta Büyük Boy, Büyük Orta, Başaltı ve Baş.

On the other hand, the best performance on the entry (peshrev) and the most gentlemanliness in manner are awarded. The wrestlers struggle for 3 days on the Er Meydanı. The firsts, seconds and the thirds of every category are defined upon finals held on the last day. However, the most important one among these is the head wrestler.

Approximately 35 wrestlers wrestle for the head wrestler wrestling contests, which progress through very difficult contentions. “Kırkpınar Wrestling” contest is completed with the wrestling that will determine the head wrestler.