In oil wrestling, the wrestlers are not categorized according to their weight but their knowledge and mastery. These groups are: deste, küçük, orta, başaltı and baş. When the wrestling is about to start, the announcer matches the wrestlers.

Consequently, the announcer is of great importance during the wrestling contests. In oil wrestling, a rule such as one should stay on his back on the ground for a period of time, does not exist. In wrestling, the category is of importance. In wrestling, knowledge, mastery and experience take precedence over body weight.

Some Rules of Beating

Nail upside down: The rival is held from his legs, turned upside down and placed flat on his back on the ground.
Flat on the back: The rival is either rolled on the ground or overthrown while standing.
Clear overthrowing: The rival falling on his bottom either by his own mistake or by his rival. He hadn’t been flat on his back, but had fallen down backwards or on his side so as his abdomen became obvious.

Some Rules of Being Beaten

Taking off the clothing: One of the worst events that could happen. The clothing of the Wrestler taken off or thorn from one side to the other is a reason to be beaten.
Giving up: Some wrestlers, when they get tired or understand that they’ll lose, if they don’t want to lie flat on their backs, they say “I give up” or pats on the rival’s clothing.

Beating by weighing: If you hold the rival in your arms, raise his feet off the ground and take at least three steps, this means the rival has been beaten.